Evidence Generation

Evolving the evidence base

At Bridge Medical, we work across a range of study types, from randomized controlled trials to real-world studies - whether de novo real-world study designs or bespoke database studies - to support all your evidence-generation needs.

Our three-step process leads you from high-level evidence concepts through detailed study designs and ultimately to final protocols to enable study implementation.


Endorsement of Evidence Concepts

Once evidence concepts are created as part of Evidence Planning, we ensure there is alignment with the global functional team and key affiliates. This includes high-level endorsement by KOLs and approval from senior management to move forward to detailed study designs.


Full study design / Protocol synopsis

In this second phase, key study details - hypothesis, research questions, population, methodology, rationale, comparators, outcome measures and statistical approaches -  are defined, with timelines and budgets. Case studies will also be prepared where they may be helpful for decision-making. Full external KOL endorsement is usually obtained prior to seeking internal funding from senior management.


Protocols & related documentation

Once funding has been granted, our skilled team will prepare the full protocol and the related study documents. Our quality standards ensure that the documents will withstand the most rigorous internal and external scrutiny.

Our post-study capabilities include writing clinical study reports and manuscripts.