Evidence Review & Synthesis

The foundation

High-quality literature reviews are foundational to the development and launch of a medicine, and when done well, support key decision-making and communications with external stakeholders.

At Bridge, since 2011, we have built broad capabilities to tackle the whole range of methods and research questions for literature studies, adhering to the highest global standards. 

Our literature reviews go well beyond data reporting – we also focus on delivering critical insights, which allow results to be translated into decisions (also explore our enhanced services at the bottom of this page).

Increasingly, we have been using trained AI models to enhance the coverage and efficiency of our reviews.

Whatever methodology is employed, a literature study should provide a balanced view of the evidence base for a given set of research questions, and should ideally include an appraisal of the quality of the evidence base. To this end, we assign each underlying publication an appropriate weight based on its methodological robustness, and we interpret the overall evidence with this in mind.

Our approach gives you, our clients, robust, reproducible and defendable positions that inform your discussions and negotiations with key external stakeholders.

For further details on our enhanced services, or to arrange a demonstration, please contact us.